Summer "Will Do" List

p>This week over at Mama Kat’s Workshop the prompt I chose was:

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30 things you vow to do this summer

  1. Take more time to play with my kids.
  2. Help plant a garden
  3. Read 3 books just for enjoyment
  4. Meditate at least 4 times a week
  5. Pick 2 adventures I normally wouldn’t attempt with the boy’s by myself and do them
  6. Continue the couch to 5k program
  7. Start doing some upper body conditioning
  8. Potty train the boys
  9. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading to the boys
  10. Pick 2 days where the boy’s can have one on one time with Mama
  11. Write out a budget
  12. Make 3 new healthy recipes a month
  13. Focus less on rules and more on being loving
  14. Reorganize/clean out my closet
  15. Do more arts and crafts with the boy’s
  16. Start cooking with the boy’s
  17. Write some letters to my Nana
  18. Develop more friendships with other Mom’s
  19. Learn more about photography
  20. Go to the beach more
  21. Write more often
  22. Figure out where my fear of loud comes from
  23. Snuggle more
  24. Say “I love you” more often and to more people
  25. Find another babysitter to add to my list
  26. Practice being gentle and kind to myself
  27. Find one new meeting to go to
  28. Use my YMCA membership more
  29. Figure out why I chose misery over happiness frequently
  30. Chose happiness….

Mama's Losin' It

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5 thoughts on “Summer "Will Do" List

  1. I need to add # 29 and 30 to my list every day. Love really is a choice. We need to help each other focus on the positive. xo

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